Dome not connecting on sequence start


I have set-up my Levesdome Dome software to start on sequence commence. It has happily being doing this for around 3 months but I’ve had two failures over the last three sessions, where the Dome hasn’t synced.
I’m in the process of imaging the Pacman Nebula, which unfortunately, is a similar in alignment to my Dome park position so I was unaware anything was wrong.
I’ve attached my logfile for your perusal.

I did have to switch to MaximDL for Dome sync <a class="attachment"
at around 10pm due to excessive scope - dome mis-alignment. Which, by the way, was successful.

href="/uploads/db2508/original/2X/8/801193e761d99569aa3a08461742463a297c955e.txt">sg_logfile_20171101000047.txt (18.3 KB)



You are not alone… I have been having dome slave issues where things used to work perfectly a few SGP versions ago. One possible workaround is to use POTH to handle the slaving rather than relying on SGP to do it as it doesn’t appear to want to with current versions. I’m hoping this is something that Ken & Jared are working on and will fix very soon.


I also have switched to POTH. This was due to the dome wandering around during pier flip, and not getting to the “flipped” target in time. No problems since POTH.



My only problem with POTH is that it is not as well integrated as dome control from within SGP, so at the end of an imaging session, when the mount parks, the dome just slaves to the mount park position, not its own dome park position and the shutter doesn’t close automatically…