EQMOD V2.00n (test release)


The Installer for the EQMOD ASCOM driver V2.00n is now available via the EQMOD Yahoo group files section.

This version re-introduces the raising of an exception when ASCOM sync commands are rejected by EQMOD. EQMOD will rejects syncs where the sync offset is greater than 15 degrees or if a sync is made past the meridian. Raising exceptions is the standard ASCOM method for drivers to report errors back to client application such as SGP but this particular exception had been supressed (back in 2015) due to issues with SGP which would sync prior to a flip - if that sync failed the flip was aborted.

SGP users who are members of the Yahoo group please test, especially with respect to syncs and flips when beyond the meridian, or syncs with offsets larger than 15 degrees. Ideally I would ask that folks post their experiences via EQMOD Yahoo group as I don’t frequent this forum often.

Thank you,



Thanks Chris!