EQMod version with SGP


I want to try SGP and will be downloading the trial version once there’s some sign of some clear nights. One question:

The PDF userguide states SGPro is only compatible with EQMod version 1.28m. I have 1.29a installed. I can find no trace of 1.28m on the Yahoo user group for EQMod. Does this still apply and, if so, where do I get this EQMod version?

Thank you


Hello Anne, I am in the same situation regarding the weather, but one thing I can bring is the knowledge that my own EQMod 2.00 works perfectly with SGP.


Thanks for confirming that, I’m quite happy to upgrade to v2.00 if necessary. I wouldn’t want to mess up my current setup by reverting to an earlier version! At present I’m using Maxim DL but I want to run a dual setup and Maxim won’t allow me to do that. Also I’m having trouble with the autofocus side of things and it looks as if SGP would be easier to set up.


SGP always works with the latest EQMOD… Upgrade to the latest EQMOD 2.00q works great.


I also successfully use EQMOD 2.00q with SGP. But I would point out that not every EQMOD user has this experience - some have had to revert back to a 1.x version.

As for older versions of EQMOD, I believe they are under the “…/EQASOM/Archive” folder on the Yahoo site:




I’m using a Windows 7pro equipped laptop, hopefully that’ll work fine. I gather W10 updates can cause issues with astro software.


I’m also using SGP with EQMOD 2.00q on two Win7 machines and not having any issues. I have the sky model set to “Append on Sync” which adds new sync points when I do a plate solve from SGP’s control panel. Plate solves of images and those done using the mouse and the “center here” right click option on the currently displayed image do not add sync points.

My sky model has 4-5 sync points in each quadrant; one very close to the zenith which serves both quadrants on one side of the meridian, three defining the horizon for that quadrant and one located near the center of the quadrant. The pointing model is restricted to use points on only one side of the meridian and uses the triangle pointing model. This arrangement usually locates all targets within the center 10% or better of the imaging chip with both of my Atlas mounts.