Error Message Index was out of range Canon 60Da

Error Message Index was out of range . Must be non negative and less than the size of the collection
SGP throws the error on the last exposure of the last event when Canon 60Da used

Link to Logs

Sent via email

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I isolated the problem as follows:

Only equipment connected: Camera and Manual Filter
All settings remain identical with ZWO ASI 120 and Canon Da Camera.
ASI works fine. Canon throws error on last exposure of last frame
Upon error, SGP closes
Logs emailed for ZWO and Canon. Two logs were created when the system crashed

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
SGP Ver 1903 OS Build 18362.720

There is another similarish problem with a FF EOS. I wonder if the SDK has changed… I was using a 60Da last year without issue but unfortunately I no longer have it to see if something has changed in the code.

CHi Buzz, What does SDK mean?

Software development kit - released by Canon to third parties

Closing due to inactivity. If this is still an issue, please send the requested information and “uncheck” this thread as solved.