Error message

Description I had Sgp hang up on platesolve 2

I shut down phd manually and the efw , telescope and camera had to be shut down with task manager . restarted everything again and received an error failed to sync.

Aprox time of issue: 7:35 pmest to 7:50pm est

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

It looks like you are using a USB hub because SGPro thinks several devices (focuser and telescope) disconnected at one time. Possibly an issue with the hub (is it powered?) or cabling used to connect the hub to the computer. Can you better define “hang up”, according to the logs SGPro was still responsive (because it shows you using the problem reporting utility after the errors). What do you mean by shutting the camera and telescope down?

My issue now is it won’t move the mount when prompted to platesolve with pltesolve2 and configuration of both “staus ok”. I’ve researched and worked each problem , I’ve been using a {powered 7 port usb 3 hub} {backward compatible} for over 3 years and going . I’ve been troubleshooting everything that I can think and everything connects , I think I’ve got it and when go out under the stars it fails to do a platesolve. Camera connects and works , cooler is working, efw is moving through channels , Autofocuser is moving. The issue is now with the platesolvers or how I have it setup. Sgp will have a blue spin circle that just spins and spins for a long time and after a couple of minutes I {disconnect} thru task manager so when I start it up again I won’t get that "equipment is still connected warning and it fails to connect each time I try even after restarting Sgp. When I have the guidecam connected to the hub , I can just disconnect with the press of a button and close all the other equipment through task manager.

I’ve watch astro Chuck’s youtube on everything trying to work the problems but, he doesn’t have the same mount , new mount woes . Everytime I add a new piece of equipment , I go through this trying to get everything in sync , so Sgp can take me to galaxies and nebulae that I can’t see. Meade tells me why don’t I use Autostar Suite which came with the mount, maybe ? That doesn’t resolve the problems I’ve been having.