Exposure/ISO setting for DSLR when Plate solving


Just trying to tie down my settings and wondered what exposure time and ISO to set in my profiles when using a modded dslr to solve & sync.
If anyone has a setting they know works for a dslr id be very grateful for any pointers.


Hi Dave

I’ve used 5 seconds exposures with ISO 1600 for my modified T1i going on the C925 Edge Hyperstar (f2.3). It works very well.

If you are at a lower focal ratio, then it would be good to increase exposure time.




Thanks Alfredo. My scope can be either f6.5 or more usually f4.9.
I have an initial setting of 10 secs ISO 6400 but wondered if I that may be too noisy?


At both f8 and f5.6 I use 10 seconds at 1600 ISO and sometimes 10 seconds at 800 ISO with my modified DSLR.



I would use 10 sec at ISO 1600 as suggested by Tim. There will be plenty of stars to plate solve.

Best regards



Thanks Guys, just the sort of info I needed.


I have great luck with ISO 12800 for 5 sec. Using either a 12" rc (1950mm) at f7 or 102mm f7 refractor. Perfect solves every time using Astrometry.NET in about 5-7 seconds. I could easily go ISO 12800 and 2 seconds I’m sure.