Fast Event Entry (new shortcut)


This isn’t on the backlog or to-do list for 2.5, but I wanted it and it only took about 15 minutes…

A lot of times I find myself in need of a target containing 4 or 5 events. Many of these events look very similar. They often only differ in the “repeat” count, filter, or some other small detail.

I’m not claiming that this is a masterful implementation of event user experience (or even within Windows design standards), but just a short cut… there are probably more elegant ways to do this.

That said, each part of the sequencing event table has a column header (like Active, Filter, Exposure, Bin, etc). Now you can essentially create a “basic” target event in event slot 1. When you double click the header for that field, it will copy that value (of event 1) into the fields for all the other events in that target. So… set an exposure time of 20m in event 1, double click the “Exposure” header and 20m will be copied to all the other events for that target.

Additionally, if you double click the “Event” header, it will copy all the fields from event 1 to all of the other events.

In the future, I would like to actually put in some UI element that can make this more obvious (but that is not the 15 minute implementation and we’re working on other stuff right now)

This will be in


Sounds Like Fun & useful Ken



This is something I always wanted! Thanks!


Awesome! I do this a lot, so it will be very handy.