Feature enhancement - safety monitor application


I went to bed and left running and in the morning, surprisingly found it stuck on a meridian flip manual rotator dialog. Not sure why, I never use that feature but I’ll work on that later.

What was a shock however was that the safety monitor by this time was unsafe, yet SGP had not shut the sequence down, parked or closed the roof.

That suggests that the safety monitor is not checked during open dialogs?

My feature enhancement request is that the safety monitor still works in situations like these and brings the sequence to a close and so on.


This is not a feature request… sounds like a bug. The safety monitor runs in its own thread and should not be affected by anything the sequence is doing. Sounds like there is at least one exception to this (not sure why right now). We’ll investigate.


Thanks Ken, Log files etc at

Things get interesting after 0:40 am. It tried to do something in the log - but nothing happened - it might be because the mount had been waiting for me to rotate the camera after a meridian flip and eventually the mount would not respond to SGP command to park.



This issue has been identified and repaired. It will be available in or better.