Feature request: Auto Center optimization


Auto Center has 4 steps:

  1. plate solve reference frame
  2. plate solve and sync to camera frame
  3. slew to reference frame
  4. validate

I sometimes find that the target is already centered within my specified tolerance after step 2. For example, in Recovery Mode the target is often already centered, or, if my mount’s slew before centering lands the target precisely. I think people who use modelling would also be likely to find the target already centered after step 2 in many cases.

SGP currently misses the opportunity to stop after step 2. It will always slew for step 3 regardless of how close we already are, and it will always take another plate solve exposure and solve it for step 4. This unnecessarily extends the time needed for centering with time for the slew, after-slew settling, image exposure and download, and plate solve.

Could SGP check after step 2 to see if the target is already within tolerance and if so skip steps 3 and 4?



Good suggestion, I usually slew/center on the first target, and if I’m only a few pixels off, I’m sure with my slop in the mount, I doubt I end up any better after the redundant slew/plate solve.