"file does not conform to fits standard" help


HI Folks first of all I’m new to SGPro and I’m wanting to purchase this software but I’ve been trying to sort out a few problems first. I was having trouble plate solving but I think that’s sorted but now I’m having problems with the images taken using SGpro.
I’m using a OSC QHY 10 and Astroart 6 to process them. However I’ve found for some strange reason I can’t 'flat correct the images, I’m not sure if they are Bias and dark corrected either. I’ve gone through help on astroart forum but with no luck. Also I have been using Atroart for some years with no problem until now.
Anyway, I’ve looked at the Fits Header information on the images and the all say at the very top line “File does not conform to fits standard”…So I’m wondering if this is the cause of the problem and if so How do I correct it
Below are images of the fits header and I’ve highlighted in blue also the is an image that is supposed to be aligned stacked, bias, flat and dark corrected. Which you can plainly see has not been
Thanks for your help


I don’t see the ‘not’. It says “file does conform to fits standard”. Regardless this is just text in the actual fits file and likely has nothing to do with your ability to process flats.

What adu were your flats taken at?



:flushed::flushed: oooooops posted the wrong image anyway you’ve answered the question , so that can’t be the problem. the flats were taken at 30000 adu
Thanks for the quick reply buddy much appreciated :+1::+1:



You don’t mention… but are you applying calibration frames:

  • Before or after debayer?
  • Before or after stretching?

We don’t touch image data after the ASCOM drivers hands it off so I don’t think SGPro would be destroying the integrity of your images.


Astroart does it all for you, it was originally designed for OSC ccd . I’m using calibration frames Ken but that’s the problem as you can see from the image they don’t seem to be working. I could process them in ccd stack but I seem to get better results using astroart for my OSC ccd. I think I must have had a dyslexic moment readinfing the fits header. I could have sworn it said " file does not conform to fits standards " but I’ve just gone and checked and now it says " file does conform to fits standards " :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:doh
Thanks Ken