File Naming Pattern Addition


Hi SGPro Team,

My version SGPro is and works without any issue.
As I am just starting to get into the mosaics I come across a stumbling block with the file naming Pattern not been able to pick up the name of my sequence.
Prior to this I had just used the directory option and worked fine.

Is it possible to add another Naming Pattern “%sq” for instance, so it will create a directory that is the same name as my Sequence.
I create a sequence “M42 Orion Nebula 4 Panel Mosaic” and save it under my sequence directory in preparation for imaging etc.
When I get to running the sequence in the future the Directory option will till it where to go and create the directory name for me.
I know I can put this into the directory area but this my default. so I don’t want to change it for every sequence that I create.

M42 Orion Nebula 4 Panel Mosaic _2018-02-27

This will be handing for none Mosaic Target as well…

Just a Note, the post won’t except the back slash…