Filter naming change mayhem (2.5.1)


last night i noticed that i had accidentally named my OIII filter “OIII_5hm” (“h” instead of “n”); it’s been like this for months and months.

i thought i would fix it. after changing the name i was greeted by a dialog box saying that changing the filter ordering would result in all filter assignments being cleared out of my targets. thinking it would be a hassle, i tried to cancel.

now, the first confusing thing is that the dialog box has 3 choices: yes, no and cancel. i’m pretty sure i clicked cancel, but i can’t be sure. i’m not sure why there are 3 choices here, seems like the choices are to either confirm the change and accept that filters are going to get cleared out, or cancel, not changing anything.

net result was that my filter assignments were cleared out. so i fixed them in the targets that i was going to run, and started a sequence. i was surprised to see the sequence finishing almost instantaneously. long story short, the “center through” filter (L) got cleared out, and so the centering routine was exiting right away. there was no indication in the UI that this was happening and i had to make a trip to the logfile to figure it out. for a beginning user this would be pretty confusing.

can the auto-centering dialog throw an error instead of just disappearing if the “center through” filter is not set?

would it be possible to let the user change the name of a filter and not blow away all the filter assignments?