Filter Setup > Focus Pt Limit?


I seem to be stuck with a situation where I can’t enter my focus points because they are too large. My LUM focus point is around 135k, but SGP has a 100K cap.

Is there a work around?




Manually focus with the stepper disengaged then command the stepper to move to a point, say 30,000 then re-engage the mechanisim.


Most focus controllers allow you to manually set the current step number, so the numbers are in some sensible range. What focus controller are you using?


I’m using a Rigel nSTEP focuser. I racked my SCT all the in and determined it took approx. 350k steps for full travel. I then used the nSTEP to bring the scope into focus at approx. 135k.

I thought that was the way to do it so I could easily switch the nSTEP motor from scope to scope by racking each scope, mounting the motor, and using the presets in the ascom driver bring each scope into focus as needed.

But if I have to disengage the motor I’ll do it, rather than give up the functionality of Offsets.

The ASCOM driver accepts the 350k number no problem, as well as my 135k preset.

It seems SGP has 6 digit ability because it will accept 100k, but add one more digit and it reverts to zero.


Each scope will be different in both number of steps and step size so just racking it in will not work.

The best course of action as I pointed out is to find the focus point and set the stepper to a ‘reasonable’ number and use that as a starting point.

The offset numbers will be automagically adjusted to use the ‘current’ stepper position and are not absolute numbers.


Fixed, next release will have substantially larger values available.



Thank you Jared, that’s very much appreciated.