Focuser backlash compensation: 200 seems to be floating around quite a bit in the community


I am new to auto focusing. I am trying to understand how the backlash compensation should be set in SGP. The value of 200 seems to be thrown around often and the notion of being “generous”. How is this value supposed to be calculated (and its direction) to get it close that what it is really supposed to be? In my case the backlash when I reverse direction on my focuser is about 25 steps. 200 seems to be very high and it must certainly affect the auto focus run… well I guess it must have a detrimental effect…?



Stephan…the backlash compensation requirement is different for everyone. You have already figured that the backlash on your gear is about 25 steps. All you have to do is cover that…at a guess, I’d go for 30 steps on your gear and adjust it up or down as you might feel it necessary or practical.