For autofocus use camera high speed download while imaging on high quality during a sequence


Using an QSI camera I can chose if I would like to use high speed or high quality download. This is for all camera use cases set. Especially for speeding up the autofocus I would like to use highspeed download for this case during a sequence, but still using low speed / high quality download for the subs.




This is already implemented in


Hello Ken,

Many thanks for the quick answer. I downloaded I’m have some problems finding it. I see high speed download in the CCD section. I tested that with my QSI -> works fine. The topic I asked for was: I would like to have the high speed download only while focusing and not while making the subs. My experience: when setting the checkbox high speed download on, I get high speed download for all pictures I take, because it’s linked to CCD setup only. I would guess, that I need setting the download speed in every area, where i can take images also for Focus / Autofocus, continiously make images for find star an so on.
Did I make something wrong ?



SGPro has never and will never use high speed download for sequence images. The checkbox applies to FnF, PlateSolve and Auto Focus images only.



That clarify all. Exact the way I love it. Many thanks for the implementation an the feedback.