Framing & Mosaic


Hi All,

I was using this the other day for the first time and it really is a great facility, but just a small request.

When you go to start the sequence after setting up all your parameters and it does its first image to plate solve and frame, if you have not manually rotated your camera sufficiently it gives you two options “Retry or Abort” when in fact you might be satisfied with it being rotated slightly out and would if there was an option selected ignore/proceed.

In my case it came saying, your image is something like 182 degrees and your plan is 184 degrees

Would such a change be possible?



After you click “Create Sequence” in the F&MW, you’ll be given the option to “Auto rotate or validate rotation on mosaic start.”

Just uncheck that option, and then use manual plate solving prior to starting the sequence to get your rotation “close enough”.

Do keep in mind : For any target needing 2 or more frames, improper rotation can wreck your panel overlap, up to and including generating panels that don’t overlap at all, effectively ruining a mosaic.


Many Thanks for that, I missed that check box. :sunglasses:

If we ever get some clear nights then I might be able to test again.