Framing wizard and guide chip FOV


This might be a bit of a long shot.
I was thinking that it would be very helpful to have the option to include the FOV of the guide chip in the framing wizard for those who use an OAG or a CCD with an integrated guide chip. I believe other programs have this feature.
This would make selecting a guide star very easy, assuming that one uses an automated rotator. The hard part I guess, would be determining the location of the guide chip for folks who use an OAG.

Any thoughts on this?



That’s a good one. I wouldn’t use it but the guys who do the long focal length stuff would probably really appreciate it. Especially if it showed you on each mosaic frame that you’d have a guide star?



If you plate solve the main sensor and the OAG you’ll be able to find all the information required to draw the right FOV on the Frame and Mosaic Wizard, no guess work required. I don’t have issues finding guide stars but this could be very useful for active optics or metaguide that requiere good bright stars for optimal performance.




Brilliant! I didn’t think about plate solving.
The only issue would be that you need to have both the imaging camera and the guide camera connected to SGP at the same time.

I never had any issues finding a guide star, however I want to try and guide in the infrared by using an IR pass filter and that will make finding guide stars a lot more difficult, I think.