HELP - Full blown Crash while downloading 2nd image

Hello all,
Really sorry to add to current burdens but I have a huge issue here which might be helped by a little input by the devs.

For a while I have been playing with the beta’s using the built in simulators but the other day I hooked out all my kit for a practice run before getting out under the stars after quite a while.

I have an issue with my camera (QHY8L) where originally I was getting a garbled image after download, with QHY’s help we seemed to solve this with a different set of drivers but then a total crash appeared but only in SGP.

Using a simple test sequence, the first image is captured perfectly, on the 2nd exposure it exposes sure enough but as soon as it begins the download I get a full blown crash to the desktop.

Attached Log appears to show nothing useful but here it is anyhow:

If you could spare a look then this is the thread in the QHY Forum so far:

Really sorry to bother you guy’s with this.


SGPro did not log anything. You may need to turn your camera logs on to see what it is doing.

Thanks Ken,
I have asked QHY if such logs get created and where to find them.


Panic over Ken…

QHY pointed me to a different Driver

This gives me the correct looking image, AND, no crash on downloading Image 2

Wooooo Hoooooo


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