Help please: PHD error after calibration followed by a failed (unrequested) meridian flip


Not sure where this belongs, I’m trying to get everything running and gradually moving forward thanks to help of this forum.

My first new problem is that it has a problem once PHD calibration is complete, the first time it coincided with an ‘RA & Dec vary by an unexpected amount’ error but the next two times it didn’t. Once I click retry it will eventually stop and start PHD2 then it moves onto a meridian flip which will fail.

The first time I was pointing South at M3 so I just thought I was unlucky, I changed to a northern target and tried again, the same thing happened. I thought I would have to be insanely unlucky to hit meridian on both sides within a few mins so I tried M44 in the West…low and behold the same thing happened again.

I’ve added log files to the link below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.!3401&authkey=!AAXwVGsIaS-zrok&ithint=folder%2Ctxt


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