How best to take flats in a Sequence?


I try to take or add flats at the beginning of a Sequence.
I have to add a park command to the flats since I have a flat box.
I get a message that I have park command before the light frames and the Sequence won’t run.

The must be a way to do this.



You can disable the light frames and then take the flats. But you’ll have to re-enable them and then take the lights.

There is not an automatic way to do that at the moment. The current assumption is that no lights can be taken after the mount is parked as we won’t unpark the mount for you.



Please fix this. That’s what I am asking for.
It should be easy to do flats or calibration frames automatically.

Most us of that have a flat box . We are likely taking flats or other calibration image at the start or end of a sequence of light frames. So I surprised this has not been addressed already.

I would like to take flats automatically at the end of light frames too.
That requires closing the dome at twilight and parking the scope.



Not really broken as this is by design. Now would be a good time to put this in as a feature request though. Just add it to the feature request category.



Surprised I am the only one to question it. It is not a safety issue for dome users.
On roll offs you might ask to confirm the roof is open if that is the issue.



Why not define a target with same coordinates as park position, to take flats before the “lights” target ?


Interesting but the mount would still be tracking which is not what you want for flats.