I am Confused About Tiime and Altitude Constraints in Target Settings


Hello! I am confused about the Time Constraints in the Target Settings box.

I created a sequence in which I wanted to image an object unless it fell below 30 degrees west at the start of the target sequence - about 8:30 PM. I entered the altitude and time and locked the constraint.

When I opened the sequence last night, SGPro told me that targets were out of range of start/stop and the target would be skipped. When I checked the target, settings, the altitude remained at 30 degrees - but the time had changed to when the object rose above 30 degrees east, or about 12:30 PM - before the run time -so SGPro would not run the target since the event time end time was already past.

I reset the time constraint and ran the sequence.

I am confused why SGPro updated the time constraint to 30 degrees East instead of keeping the time and altitude for 30 degrees west. Thank you and best regards.



If you can upload the sequence I can check it out. Maybe a bug.



Hello! Thank you for your help. I appreciate it, though I think it likelier that I did not set something up correctly as opposed to there being a software glitch.

I've attached the Dropbox link to the Sequence below. (I tried to attach it to this reply, but .sgf files were not allowed)

Of note, After I ran the Sequence a couple of days ago, I updated it so that all the long period variables were updated with end times at at 30 degrees west. This excluded the Henden standard fields at the beginning of the sequence and the short period variables at the end of the sequence.

Please let me know if there is any difficulty accessing the Dropbox link.

Thank you and best regards.