IC 1795 The Fishhead Nebula NB Image


This is my first real test with the extender on my Tak FSQ106ED. Effective FL=848mm, f/8.

Full image here: http://www.kinchastro.com/ic-1795-the-fishhead-nebula.html


Dammit… now I have to buy one. Great work.


Thanks Ken. There is ALWAYS something new to try :smile:


I like that Brendan - Lovely colours and a great FOV… How did you find f/8?


Thanks Sara. First things first: Congrats on the recent APOD!
Re this image; it was a compromise from start to finish. Imaging at f/8 on the FSQ106ED works OK but one really needs the best conditions. So with at least 80% humidity each night I was imaging, there was no way that the optics were up to 0.7 arcsec/pix. (Even on a dry night – that would really be stretching the guiding capabilities of FS60CB guide scope….but I think possible on a decent mount). So I binned all the subs to image at 1.5 arcsec/pix.
I also compromised on the time. I had planned on over 20 hours total but as you are well aware – clouds just kept rolling in lately here in SE Spain. So the 14 hours total is way less than I had hoped for but thought that I would process it anyway. End result OK…but with more patience I might have made it better.
I have left the extender on the scope….I will experiment some more when I have better conditions. Really looking for a chance to image at the higher resolution to make a final decision on the full worth of the extender… the challenge is what makes it interesting.:sweat:. One way or the other however…it is great to have the option to work with/without extender or reducer on this particular scope.


Thanks Brendan… Having been imaging at 0.66 arcsec/px I totally get where you are coming from with regards to needing ideal conditions. I look forward to more images with this setup :slight_smile: