IC 5070 Pelican Nebula


I am trying my hand again at a two panel mosaic. This is the 1st panel - a total here of 19 hours over 5 nights.

SGP in action! :grin:

Full details at: http://www.kinchastro.com/pelican-nebula.html


Nice! Can’t wait to see the rest…


Thanks Ken. Time out for clouds just now…but my finger is on the button :point_down:


Hi Kinch,
Well done capture and processing. Good luck on the mosaic.


Thank you Mark.


I am glad that one turned out OK because the final 2 panel image was a disaster. I spent so much time trying to marry the two panels and concentrating on balancing the colours that the details slipped away…

I’ll attach it here just for the record but will not put it up in higher resolution on my web site…I have put so many hours into this that I now want to see the back of it and get on with a new project…whenever I can get a start! This is the second mosaic I have tried…I think I need to do a course to before I try another :confused:

For those that have not seen it elsewhere, one reasonably good image came out of the 2nd panel: The Cygnus Wall.

Can be viewed (with all details) on my web site at this link: http://www.kinchastro.com/cygnus-wall.html


Hey @Kinch

I am not very good at image processing. The only way I am able to get decent images is to blatantly steal techniques from folks kind enough to share them.

If it’s of any use to you…

I use PixInsight for the mosaic creation and I use @harry s wonderful tutorial to do it. You can find that here:

This method has always worked very well for me (quick tip… if any joining edge in your mosaic has an overscan region (black row or column of pixels) make sure those get cropped out before using this method)

Then… for general processing of narrowband images, I use AstroAnarchy’s “Tone Mapping” technique. I think @joelshort might use this too. The latest image I posted here is a mosaic and uses tone mapping. I’m pretty happy with this methodology in general.

An explanation here:

A PDF with more detailed instructions:


Hi Ken,

I really appreciate the info & links. The two panels were each OK, (not great but OK)…it was when I wanted to get them together that things fell apart. I’ll revisit this again (after a break) and follow up on your suggestions.

Muchas Gracias…or as they say in Spain…Thanks a lot!


Took a break - had a sleep and then watched Harry’s video. Thanks to Ken & Harry, I gave it another go. I suppose I could have spent longer at it…but if it becomes too much of a chore then I don’t enjoy it anymore. This is what I ended up with and for sure I will leave this one alone for quite a while…maybe a good one to come back to when there is nothing else going on!

Full image & details at: http://www.kinchastro.com/ngc7000--ic5070.html


Nice improvement! There is considerably more detail in the second version!

Processing is a black art to me. I’ve always been horrible at it :-/