Image acquisition automation setup


Hello, I’m new to SGPro and astronomy/imaging in general. This software is amazing. I have installed the ansver server and image files and I’m able to solve photos in less than a minute, wow!! I was ready to fork out $$$ for Theskyx Pro until I stumbled across this setup.

My goal is for total automation so I can hit the hay while my system images throughout the night (I’m a day person and nights are cold up here in Canada :slight_smile:)

I have a Bhatinov mask arriving in the mail…I’m wondering if I set my focus and lock i,t if I will be able to get satisfactory through the night, or will my focus need constant adjustments between exposures, and targets? I just spent a small fortune on mount, scopes, cameras, etc and I’d like to suspend purchasing (aside from this software) until the spring.

My equipment is SW Esprit 100ED, EQ6, Modified Canon T2i, 60mm guide scope with zwo asi120mm camera, SGPro, and PHD2.


The short answer is “probably not”. But it really depends on a couple of different things, but primarily temperature. If the temp is steady through the night and your gear has adequately acclimated then your focus should remain constant. If the temp changes (more than about a degree or 2) then your focus will likely shift.



It’ll change throughout the night, but ultimately it just won’t be ‘as good’ as it could be. Your stars won’t be ‘as tight’. If you can spring for an automatic focuser it is well worth the investment.



Ok, thanks guys! I figured as much. I suppose I can stay up as late as possible and refocus before hitting the pillow until I get the auto focuser. I’ll have to start researching which auto focuser to get, thanks again!


The hard part is as it moves around your focuser will
Slip a little. But, getting half a night of imaging is probably better than no imaging :joy: