Image history BUG

The last sub of a time restricted object 5139 is shown under the following object 6357 series.


I even dont have Green subs fplanned for object 6357


More examples of the same problem

DAY 1: I made 3 OIII test subs of target 4628
DAY 2: I was shooting OIII of target 2948. Automatically at 1AM (after sub no.70 ) I started shooting OIII of target 4628. As you can see sub no. 70 of target 2948 landed in the image history of target 4628


Am I the only one with this problem?


No, you’re not.

I have the same problem. And it’s sad that the dev team don’t even comment on your bug report after 26 days.

Another Martin, by the way :smiley:

Seems to be worse issues than this… :frowning_face:

Do you have the logs for either of these runs?

Thank you,

Yes of course, I have packed in a zip file all log files in the folder, the issue happens everytime I use SGP

I also have this problem. It’s not something recent, I’ve had seen this issue for a while.
Just wanted to add that the image is saved in the correct folder. The issue is only with the Image history.

edit: here is my log:

The last blue frame of The Markarian Chain (line 26000 in the log) shows in the history of the next target (Veil Nebula, which does not have blue filter events):