Important Information Regarding the SGPro 2.5.1 Release


SGPro 2.5.1 will likely be released for general use in the very near future. While we have a group of beta testers that are very dedicated to helping us test and provide feedback, I get the feeling that most folks are a bit more scared of this change than others (we have seen smaller numbers of downloads and the feedback is not quite as diverse). Because of this, we will likely finish some small cleanup items and make an official release of the new star detection routine.

The difference here is that we will not discontinue support of 2.5.0 until the release of 2.5.2. This will hopefully give a broader audience more confidence in using the new AF routine (which is working quite well).

After the release of 2.5.1, we will continue to make improvements to AF during the course of 2.5.2. When this is released, we will discontinue support for 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 at the same time.

We will try to make the transition as easy as possible… updated help, best practices for setting parameters, etc…