JSON interface not working


Hi there,

I am evaluating SGPro for a project I am developing for quite a while, basically I would need a (possibly easy) way of telling SGPro to take an image at a specified position with a given filter programmatically. the JSON interface seems quite ideal for this, however when I try to access it over http://localhost:59590/ it is not working.
So, could you tell me if it is basically possible, and if the JSON interface would support such requests? SO, in addition to imaging it should be possible to tell to open/close the roof, and make an autofocus run :smile:
(Well, in an ideal world) :smile:


Yes, the SGPro API has control over much of the gear it connects to (not the sequence yet…), but taking an image is certainly on the list. I can’t really help based on this post… I don’t know how you are trying to interface.

The API does not yet support observatory commands.


Hi Ken,

thanks for your quick reply.

To explain what I am trying to do: Basically, I built a webservice which delivers observation requests when called (as I am running multiple observatories, I need an easier way to manage them). The webservice considers several parameters, like altitude, if the target is rising or setting, distance from moon etc. Based on this, it selects a suitable target and returns it to an app running on the obsaervatory computer.
This app then knows what has to be imaged: The coordinates, name, exposure time, filter, binning etc. I would need to somehow get this into an automation software (ideally SGPro). I could call the JSOn interface, no problem, but I would need a few more functions, like:

  • do an Autofocus run
  • Startup guiding
  • or, even better: “Image this target (RA, DEC) this long (exposure, filter) with guiding”

I have no idea if this would be implementable, but if yes, I would definitively be willing to pay for it. Or, I could open the webservice I created for all users, which would result in something like DC3 has with their Scheduler :smile:


It is implementable. Eventually our API will catch up with all the new equipment we have added… we just have no reliable timeline to give…

We appreciate the offer, but currently do not engage in custom development (it is too distracting and will likely detract from the level of service we give to our current customers).