Latest SGP version not attaching file names, which causes Platesolve to fail

Never had a problem with plate solving using old versions. When I import an image (Canon D60 *.CR2 file) from a SGP imaging session into SGP, there are no FITS headers attached. Older CR2 files created with older SGP versions have these listed in the FITS header. The camera tab lists the file names for that same imaging session. Plate solve 2 fails for Runtime Error Overflow 6, which is consistent with no image identification. When I import this same Canon D60 image (.CR2 file) into SGP and manually Plate solve 2, it found a match with 2 secs (I entered the image identification info (IC2177).
It seems like SGP is not adding the file names to the image file.
I can’t figure out how to solve this problem?


I am not understanding what you mean. You seem to be saying that you expect the CR2 files you are opening to have FITS header information? Is that accurate? Only FITS files can have FITS headers.

What is “these”?

What do you mean by camera tab?

Not sure what this means

Thanks for responding.

Plate solve fails: during centering I get Platesolve Run-Time Error 6 Overflow. I searched this error, which is due to wrong or no information in the starting parameters used by Platesolve.

No, I don’t expect CR2 files for have FITs header information. Just trying to figure out why I am getting the centering error.

Equipment profile Manager: Camera: File naming pattern.

After sending this message, I discovered that my Equipment Manager Canon D60 profile was missing. Could this be the reason for the Run-time Error 6 Overflow during centering?

Thanks for your help.

Jim Foy