M101 revisited


I tried M101 with my 250 RCT. Acquired in SGP and processed in PI from a light polluted garden in Essex.


Hey Chris great image. Looking forward to your talk at HAS Wednesday :grinning:


The Ha regions show nicely and you picked the faint details. Maybe it is just me but I think it is over processed a bit. I see this a lot on the Web lately. Not trying to break the party but I feel that a lot of people push their image a tad too far. They look unrealistic. It is a matter of taste I guess. Nice image nevertheless :slight_smile:


It is always a matter of taste - there are many that are white fuzzy blobs without faint details, or that blow out stars. I had in mind the Gendler image when I processed this, which puts more emphasis on the intricate dust lanes. It is a blend of the standard luminance and a HDRMultitransform version.



I had an idea to ensure that user’s monitors are adjusted correctly. This file was constructed on a calibrated monitor (Macbeth Eye1). The lightest (1%) and darkest block (97%) should be almost invisible and the next one along very faint too. If they are not, your monitor is likely wrong. [update - this is likely more than just contrast and brightness settings - I cannot find a combination on my DELL monitor at work that stops the 93% looking medium grey and the whites blowing out - the result is my image backgrounds look grey and blotchy]

Feel free to use it - I’m going to include it with my image postings.

Out of interest, for publishing purposes, my images have to be between 4–93% to be printable.monitor


An alternative subtler rendering - using all subs to support luminance and with less HDR.