M81, M82 and IFN


This is 28 hrs and 20 mins total exposure time made up of 52x900s Lum, 14x600s Red, 18x600s Green, 15x600 Blue and 15 x 30min Ha.

All acquired between the clouds during Jan, Feb and April using an Atik 460 mono, Baader filters, Tak FSQ106 @ f5 on a 10u GM1000HPS mount. Software - SGPro (various 2.4 Betas) and PHD2.5.

The weather was monitored using an Aurora III Cloud Sensor with my own ASCOM driver and I managed to get a lot of sleep during most of the acquisition time away because I was trialing the SGP Notification Plug In and GNS - recommended!

M81 and M82 in Astronomy Now

WOW, a classic composition perfectly executed. I like a lot the colors!

Thanks for sharing it!



So awesome! Thanks!


Thanks for your great feedback guys - really pleased you like it.



Very nice Steve


Thanks Kit!


Particularly impressed with the length of the luminance exposures - do you have fantastic skies or were you using any form of LP filter?


Hi Kit

I have fairly good skies and I also used a Hutech IDAS P2 LPF in series with the other filters.



Thanks Steve. Works very well !


Really awesome work Steve. Thanks for the plug :wink:


Nice one Steve, congratulations on the AN image.


Thanks Ken and Barry - and that image has just won today’s AAPOD too! Great father’s day present!