Main Sequence via Wifi

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I’m new in this forum and getting ready to use Main Sequence software on my laptop. I’m trying to run my ZWO 1600mm Pro CMOS camera mounted on my Astro-Physics GTO100 mount using Main Sequence Software on my laptop to control my ZWO 1600 Pro using Wifi, no cables to the laptop, Is this possible? Or any video that I can look at for tutorial? I would appreciate any response.

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I always run my AP Mach 1 and SGP via internet. You have to have two computers, one by the telescope and one where you are. To make the connection, I use Teamviewer which is available for free for non-commercial users. My favorite “toy” is my HooToo router which provides a dedicated wifi between my scope and my laptop.

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Thanks for the feedback, oh by the way I hope you have a good 4th of July. I still have some questions. Is there a phone number where I can reach you at. My email I can provide you with my phone as well.

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As pointed out your best bet is to have a PC by the scope with your camera and mount connected to it. You can then remote into that machine with Team Viewer or MS Remote Desktop Connection. ZWO doesn’t directly support WiFi so you’ll need it connected to a machine.


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I’ll just try to figure this out. I still do not understand this team viewer, however I will research more into this. One of the members on this forum, Robert mentioned something about a HooToo wireless Router he uses. Before I invest in such device I wanted to make sure it was going to work. My apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your time…

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I assume you plan to have your laptop a short distance from your gear. First off, you could just have a good quality USB 3 hub at the scope with all the gear connected to it. Then use a powered USB 3 extension cable ( 50 ft ones are available ) running to your laptop. I used that method for many years and it is simple to implement and it is the only way to actually run SGPro on your laptop and control your gear.

If you need WiFi, then you will need a second, small PC (like an Intel NUC) at the scope running all the imaging software and connected to the gear. You laptop will need to connect via WiFi and the simplest way to do that is to install WiFi software on the scope’s PC that generates a local hot spot (WiFi network). Your laptop’s WiFi would then connect to that WiFi network, allowing the laptop to connect to the scope’s PC.

Your laptop could run Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client and connect directly to the scope’s PC allowing you to control it just like your laptop was at the scope. In order to run Remote Desktop (comes standard with Windows) on the laptop and connect to the scope PC, the scope PC will need to be running Windows 10 Pro; not Windows 10 Home (unless MS made some recent changes).

A good hot spot software product is “Connectify” and you can get a single user license for $20: Connectify web site

Normally you need an Internet connection to use Team Viewer but it is possible to use Team Viewer on a LAN: Team Viewer on a LAN

But as a long time user of the Remote Desktop client, I would suggest that is a better option. So, a 50 foot USB extension cable or $300+ worth of other stuff.


Hello Charlie,

I appreciate your information. Recommendation is the best I have heard so far. I was doing some research last night on installing team viewer 14 on both my main computer and laptop. I connected both via internet and my router. I was planning to connect via cable from my ZWO 1600 mm Pro cmos camera to my laptop then use team viewer to connect from my main computer to my laptop , and see if this would work. I can connect my Astro-Physics GTO 1100 to my laptop, and using the Sky Pro software to control the mount without cables. Now I just want to be able to control the camera using SGPro without any cables, and download the data to my laptop once I finish. Your recommendations is very goo and insteresting. May I ask for an alternative email to ask you some questions? My email: as courtesy.



My email to you bounced. GMail said your email address was not available.


do what Charlie said here - you don’t want wifi to your mount from your control laptop. if it drops you are screwed. Instead get an intel NUC with windows 10 pro and remote desktop sharing is built in. (make sure you have win 10 pro on your laptop)


Hello Brian,

I’m looking at different configurations at this time. Th intel NUC can be a very pricey investment, and there are many different ones. Can you suggest a specific one or ones?


hi astro1 - sorry i just saw this.

For my budget versions i’m using a lenovo m92p, which comes with windows 10 pro for about $190

i highly recommend adding an inexpensive 128gb SSD and it will be fast and snappy.

you can find them on amazon or eBay as lease returns. very inexpensive

Hello bvalente,

I will check this out on amazon. I appreciate the information.