Manual rotator problem

I am using and had problems last night when SGP prompted me to rotate the camera 180 after a meridian flip and sat and waited until the morning (and ignored safety monitor…in a separate thread). I thought it was me but I checked the sequence (which I created within and I had disabled manual rotate for the target and had the 180 option enabled. I have never have seen this before and I do not know why it asked me. Dropbox link with logfile and sequence: (timing around 0:40 I recall)

If it helps, I initially loaded the target with Astroplanner and then after taking some framing images, nudged the mount and used Platesolve2 to find the center. I set this to the target coordinates (which added the angle too). I am not using sync and center options as my pier mounted PMX is very accurate with a pointing model.

I was flipping without issues last month.

It looks like we had a bit of flawed logic in the flip process. Because your rotator was connected, SGPro made the assumption that it should go ahead and validate the camera angle during the process. The new logic is if:

  • Sequence is running, query the running target to see if it even cares about camera angle… if not, skip it
  • If run outside a sequence, query the user to see if they would like to use the selected target’s camera angle during the flip.

This will be available in

Hi Ken - I am not sure I follow you - I had the rotator set to manual but disabled it in the sequence (and had it on +/-180 too). I put the profile in the same dropbox.
This is normal for my setup, which I have been using all year. That includes a few meridian flips too. I have never seen this issue before - so did something change in the string of betas?
The logic you are sharing seems to be something else. Do you classify the meridian flip being outside of sequence?

Sorry. I am not sure how else to explain it. The logic was not checking whether or not you were concerned with angles during a flip.

no problem - I have seen you have issued another beta and will test it at the earliest opportunity

thanks for the quick turnaround