Meridian flip is failing, uhggg

I have an IEQ450 Pro.

I have no idea why the flip wont happen but It gets ti the 3rd procedure and errors that" telescope will not flip."Preformatted text

here is the link to the log file but I was reading a post from Ladyhawk back a while ago and she saod that the controller was not set 1t 15 degrees or something?

Is there any information available re how to set the handset flip versus how we set the equip profile?

Thank you

Had your target already crossed the meridian when the flip was requested?

SGP just issues a “goto” command to the mount - the mount decides whether it needs to do a meridian flip to get to the target or not…

Welcome to my world, or to SGP.

last night mine would not flip, only because I forgot to enter a known setting in my mount , for the mount not to flip past meridian. The problem was, I could not get SGP to then move to the correct side of the meridian. Seagull Nebula had past meridian, so I would tell my mount to go to Siruis, for a focus point. The mount slewed to the corret side of the meridan. Then I would order SGP to continue the sequence and every time it would try and go to the wrong side of the meridian, then try and flip? Why SGP? Why slew from the correct meridan to the wrong side, then fail to flip? It just needed to stay where it was and slew a few degrees. why go to the wrong side of the meridian and then when all the settings are corrected to flip?


See the second part of my previous answer.

You should test this by waiting until you are in the same scenario and then issue the goto from your hand controller, not SGP, and see what happens.

My guess is that either Seagull had not actually crossed meridian yet, or your mount is configured to only perform a flip if the object is more than X degrees past the meridian, and in your case Seagull was not far enough past tdd he meridian.

As always, uploading logs would show what actually happened…

Tried to take a look at the log file you posted, but it’s no longer there.