Messier Marathon


Has anyone developed a Messier Marathon sequence? If so would you be willing to share it. Next year I’d liked to use SGP to image all of the Messier object on a single night.



I tried to make one by using a Starry Night import. It got 65 objects imported and then broke SGP in a variety of ways…locking up, crashing, inability to save. I don’t think it is a problem with the text file, but probably bumping up against what SGP was written to do.

If you want to give it a try the text file to import is at: You could probably split it in half and run it as two sequences.

In SGP under file, select Import Targets, Starry Nights, and point to the text file.

FWIW the text file comes from a spreadsheet with the object name in column A, RA in column L, Dec in column M, and P worth of columns written to the text file.


Thanks Steve for the input and the Excel file. I wonder if SGP has a limit on the number of targets it can hold? A number of Las Cruces amateur astronomers did the marathon two weeks ago. It would be fun to try to automate it.


We used to have a limit, but we removed it. You can open as many targets as your machine can support. Targets are a little rough on memory and the limit will vary between machines. We have plans to make targets WAY less RAM intensive in the future.


After receiving the marathon data from Steve, today I started entering targets in to SGP. After successfully entering 54 targets, SGP died. I tried several times and could not get passed 54. I had my memory monitor on and the computer appeared to have enough memory to continue. SGP’s dying words were:

01/08/18 16:20:12.403][DEBUG] [Main Thread] GlobalExceptionHandler caught : Error creating window handle.
[01/08/18 16:20:12.403][DEBUG] [Main Thread] Runtime terminating: True