Migrate "Re-calibrate autoguider on target change" to "Target Settings"


The sequence (and equipment profile) has an option to re-calibrate the autoguider (e.g. PHD2) when the target changes. This is great but a re-calibration of PHD2 takes some time and may not be necessary if for example the set of targets listed are part of a mosaic (all areas of night sky are close to each other).

However, a contrasting situation is when say, you have 5 targets listed. Target 1 causes a calibration of PHD2 and the imaging progresses. Then SGP switches to target 2 and since it is 70° away from target 1, it re-calibrates PHD2 and the imaging progresses. So far so good. However, targets 2 to 5 are mosaic segments so now when SGP switches to target 3, it will re-calibrate PHD2 once again when it didn’t really need to.

The solution would be to have a global option for re-calibration per target change (as it is now), but also provide a local option within each target (in the “Target Settings” window). The user could then say that when switching from target 1 to target 2, PHD2 should re-calibrate, but when switching to targets 3, 4 and 5, it should not bother.

Thank you for taking the time to read this request! :smile:


Just out of curiosity, do you find it necessary to recalibrate PHD2 for
different targets? PHD2 will compensate the original calibration for
different locations in the sky and I’ve never experienced the need to
recalibrate by target.



If you connect to your mount with ASCOM in PHD2 then there is no need to recalibrate. If you connect PHD2 using ST-4 (i.e. “On-camera”) then please take a look at this post. In a nutshell: use ASCOM for guiding if your mount supports it. Otherwise, use an ASCOM Aux connection in PHD2 so you do not have to recalibrate.



Since I do indeed use ASCOM PulseGuiding, I’m happy to hear PHD2 accounts for this. Certainly saves time. Thanks!