Minor bugs in last several versions


There are 2 bugs I have noticed that have been around for a while. Very minor but listing them here for completeness.
I encounter these because I am frequently making changes to my night’s sequence during the first couple of hours of running the sequence. I clearly have not planned ahead very well.

  1. first change type: first target is imaging and taking the first event which is set for 10 frames. I probably then make various changes to the next events, and set all the counts to 10 by double clicking on the count column label, works great to reset all of them. First event has now taken say 3 frames. I see from time remaining that I should decrease the count on all events to 8 so the target can finish when I want it to. Problem: when I reset the counts to 8, the image count for event #1 gets reset back to 0. Then the next three images taken get numbers with -1 appended.
    This bug has only appeared in recent releases.

  2. second change type: I have say 2 targets set up the way I want them and I add a new target. The new target gets added to the end of the target list. I edit the target to set it up for my new target. Now I want it to move to position 3, after the 2 already set up. Problem: I have 30 targets in this sequence so it takes forever to move it up carefully 1 notch at a time into position 3. If I choose the mouse menu option to move to top, it moves to the top immediately. Great. Now I immediately move it down 2 slots to position #3. However, the odds are very high that no matter what point the current frame is, when that frames finishes, the new target I just added to position #3 will now be activated. Slew, plate solve, the whole shebang. Totally ignores the target it was working on, whether #1 or #2.
    I think this one has been around much longer than 1).

Like I mentioned, these are minor bugs and can easily be worked around. Just thought in some idle moment (if you ever have any of those), you might take a look at these.


When you say that you reset the count to 8, does that mean that you set event 1 to 8 and then double clicked the count header again (same way you got to 10)?


Yes. Exactly.


I just experienced issue #2. Slightly different details.

  1. running event #1
  2. add 4 new events, they go on the bottom of the list. I want them to just follow #1, so…
  3. pause running of sequence
  4. move the 4 new ones to the top using ‘move to top’. original #1 is now #5
  5. move #5 (original #1 which still has frames to process) to top with 4 up arrows.
  6. button has now changed to ‘Run’ from ‘Resume’. Not what I expected.
  7. click run. --------> now skips #1 which is not finished and runs #2.


The first two issues have been resolved. I’m not convinced the last one you reported is actually related so I’ll take a look at that.


Great. But it seems to me that the latest is the same as bug #2, just a slightly different sequence to get there. End result is the same bug: skips target it was working on, even though is has more work to do, and starts with the new one.