Minor HFR bug


Last night I was trying rather fruitlessly to get autofocus to work with the new Moonlite focuser at 2737mm. I was trying to dial in the nebula rejection and number of stars parameters but was completely flummoxed by the fact that SGGP didn’t appear to be selecting any stars at all, no matter what the settings.

My QHY10 camera rather oddly downloads the image in portrait mode and I always rotate it to landscape so that a larger image fits in the SGP image space. What I finally figured out last night is that SGP places the star selection boxes over the image as if it hadn’t been rotated. So if you rotate an image, and then hit the HFR box, none of the boxes will line up with the actual stars the boxes selected. Things made a lot more sense once I figured this out. Anyway, this seems like a bug to me. It seems to me that the star selection boxes should line up with the selected stars regardless of image orientation.




That’s odd. I’ve never seen an ASCOM camera do this… The AF box rotation issue is a known issue we probably won’t fix anytime soon. That said, I can throw in a line of code to ensure that your images are displayed landscape when they come out.


That’s fine if you think it is worth your effort, but it is trivial for me to rotate them myself. I just wanted to make sure that you knew about the AF boxes not lining up to a rotated image. Now that I know this is happening, I can easily leave the image as portrait when I am tweaking AF parameters.

Edit to add - if you mean that the image would be “read” as landscape when HFR is calculated, that would be handy, and I would appreciate the effort.



Yes… we would force the image to landscape, present it and save it this way (only if the height is greater than the width).


Yeah, if it’s easy to do, that would be great.