Mosaic question


hi new to this and going to have to use mosaic feature,looked at a tutorial and after setting up the mosaic function and sequencer does sgp automatically move the mount to get the numerous panels it needs for the mosaic thanks


Indeed it does - that is one of the beauties of the program. You neet to make sure that you have the plate solver set up and working, of course. Also, don’t just use the mosaic wizard for mosaics - it’s great for framing too. I use it for every sequence these days.


You need to make sure that you have the plate solver set up and working ??? thats good will have to look into setting the plate solver up i know nothing about that thanks


not sure at what point i use the plate solver or does it run in the background or something cheers


Hi Ian,
Please don’t take this the wrong way and I mean no offense…if you are new to SGP and haven’t yet got plate solving down and all the other wonderful things that SGP does then I would suggest that trying to work on a mosaic is going to be very difficult for you.

Mosaics are REALLY hard to do well. SGP makes data acquisition as simple as it can be for mosaics, but processing mosaics is not easy, particularly if the panels do not have enough overlap, if the data varies a lot from panel to panel, if polar alignment is off, and if panels are taken on nights with different conditions.

I would suggest starting with a regular one panel image to learn how things work before proceeding to a mosaic.

Now to answer your question, SGP comes with PlateSolve2 built in but it needs to be set up properly and involves downloading the solver index files. There are tutorials for that. Then, you can set up a Blind Solve Failover (ANSVR). The failover means that if PlateSolve2 fails the blind solver (ANSVR) will try to solve the image instead. Blind solve means that ANSVR does not need any hint data (location, rotation, image scale) in order to solve the image.

One you have SGP set up and working properly then getting the data for mosaics is easy even if processing the data is very hard.


thanks for that ive been using the sequencer for my lrgb images,and ive downloaded the solver index files a while ago ,and following your link above ANSVR6 got that working ok,whats the rough process for mosaic process please


Check out David Ault’s mosaic tutorial.


It looks like you are determined to jump into Mosaics …the one point that seems to get a lot of people is knowing the ANGLE of your camera …it MUST match the Mosaic that is generated by SGP, if not you are DOOMED. Read the directions over and over and over …I did and it still didn’t sink in for quite a while.