Mount and Starry Night no longer synced with Beta


I have never had major problems with previous versions of SGP using the J2000 system for plate solving. I pretty much always would get within a few pixels of my target position on the first validation. Also, the mount and Starry Night Pro Plus always reported the scope at pretty much the same position - when I watched the target cross the meridian the AP V2 driver would report “Counterweight Up” at the same time it crossed. I’m trying tonight and it did the meridian flip correctly (although it did have to default to the blind solver, but this may be related to my change to USNO A2.0) but now the AP V2 driver and SNPP report the meridian cross at different times - SNPP was saying the meridian cross was about 20 arcsec past before the AP V2 driver reported counterweight up. So what exactly am I getting out of if I didn’t have any problem with plate-solving and centering with It was nice to have the AP V2 driver and SNPP synced and everything seemed to be working for me before the J2000 vs Jnow correction issue came up in the 2.4.1 betas.


I think I have SNPPLUS and SGP now back in sync and all seems to be working with (haven’t had a chance to download yet, but I’m looking forward to trying the DSLR binning focus). I do have a small problem with SGP asking for an autoguider even though none is selected, but I’ll post that one separately, along with my profile and log, once I get home tonight.