Mount is parked or not tracking. Would you like to start tracking? No will abort sequence


sg_logfile_20190411202714.txt (254.8 KB)
Hi All,

I see this problem has occurred with others–but I have not seen a solution. Never had any problems in the past. Just upgraded to sgpro 3.03.169 and I upgraded phd.

Everything was going fine and I set up a short sequence of (10) 1min subs. I went inside, came back in 10 minutes and saw this message. Mount is CGEM. Log attached. In the meantime–has anyone figured this out?


Well – I just downloaded the new ascom platform and the newest Celestron driver. Since I just upgraded both SGP and PHD2, perhaps I was too far behind in the driver situation. I do think the “parking” may be what the deal is. As far as I know, park was not available on the CGEM. So hopefully tonight everything will work as before (only better with all the upgrades :slight_smile: )



Last night everything worked as it has been–no problems. I suspect I needed the new Celestron driver.