MyT flip failed


OK, this one surprised me. I operate a remote system in cooperation with a friend that has a new Paramount MyT. I also have an ME at home so am quite familiar with SGP and Paramounts. I used the same settings as at home except for a longer “Minutes past meridian” since the MyT can track further past than the ME. I have never seen this error with the ME.

First use of the MyT last night and woke to see a message saying (should have saved it but did not) something like “flip failed due to user abort”. But I was asleep so no user action was taken. See the settings attached plus the log file. Note that after the abort I restarted but that was just to finish some darks.



Link to SGP Log


I don’t see anywhere that SGP attempted a meridian flip. Guessing that the mount flipped without SGP’s knowledge?