Need help with reference image


I have followed the steps in the SGP manual for setting up PS2, its all set and good to go. my plate solves themselves are working correctly, however… im lost when it comes to actually slewing to a plate solved image/location.

for example, I was imaging two open clusters in the same frame (I manually slewed to achieve this FoV orientation) I then went out several hours later after I needed to re-slew due to meridian flip. ( I know theres ways SGP can do this automatically but, baby steps)

I then selected one of my previous images, right clicked the image to plate solve it, it succeeds, but then when I take a sub my frame is not correctly plate solved to where I was prior, in fact one of the clusters is just completely off the FoV. and during plate solving I also do not hear or see any on screen notification that the mount is actually slewing to the center of the solve.

so I am assuming I am missing the step where I actually slew to said reference image or “plate solved” image. if thats the case where is this option? or if this isnt the case… what the heck am I missing / doing wrong?


probably instead of solving a prior image, what you want to do is make sure that the coordinates of the image in the target is exactly what you want, then open the target (by clicking the gear) and then click “center now”. that will cause SGP to slew, plate solve, and reslew until the target is centered in the frame.



This sounds like it will center one of the objects in my FoV , which in this case. And most cases, I would not want. In this case I have two cluster in the FoV and in my images and neither are centered (which is what I want)

Srry if I misunderstood what you meant but it sounds like your suggestion would center said DSO in my image and that won’t work for me in this case. ? :confused:


Re reading your reply again… R u saying the coordinates in my target should be changed? I’ve never change anything but the target name in that section. Did not know I was supposed to tbh. I don’t know how I would know my coordinates prior to take a sub anyways right?

So maybe I should be taking a sub , with say frame and focus. Plate solve that , (the platesolve should give me the coordinates somewhere? Then throw those coordinates into the target settings , then when ever I hit center here it would center for me?

Srry for all of my confusion, this plate solve stuff seems to be the most confusing element of this hobby I’ve encountered yet lol

Appreciate your help!


yes, that is correct. if you want to frame manually, then take an exposure and solve it. then create a target with that RA/DEC (the solve should pop up a dialog box when it’s found the solution) and from that point, use “center” in the target.

if you get the automatic meridian flips going, SGP will solve and center after the flip so it all becomes automatic (as long as you have “center” ticked in the target). i always tick both “slew” and “center”, which causes SGP to first try to slew to the target without solving, then it solves/syncs, and then it does focusing and starts imaging.



Thanks so much Rob! Really appreciate your time, clouds rolled in so I’ll have to wait till next time to get this tested and working.

Thanks again!


no problem! i’m sure you’ll get it all working.


This procedure fits into what you are currently trying to do:

  1. Take Frame and Focus images, moving the scope until you get it pointing where you want it; that is, the frame is centered at your desired spot.

  2. Right click the image and select Plate Solve.

  3. The resulting dialog box gives you the option to use the solved coordinates (center of frame) as the coordinates of the “target” you have setup in your sequence file:

SGP will always use the coordinates specified in the target when automatically positioning the scope; such as after a meridian flip. Or you can use the “Slew Now” and “Center Now” buttons in the target dialog box to precisely position the scope at any time. If you have imaged past the meridian when you press the Slew Now button, a meridian flip will occur.

Better yet – purchase the very powerful Framing and Mosaic Wizard add-on. This will allow you to setup very carefully framed targets in a few simple steps. Don’t be confused by the name. I never shoot mosaics but I always use FMW to setup all my target objects.