Negative Horizon in user profile

I have a wide field of view and so it is legitimate to sometimes slew to below the horizon. But the user profiles do not allow negative values for the horizon. Please allow them.

Wouldn’t this mean that half of your FOV would be the ground? Just trying to understand how a wide FOV comes into play here.


Yes it is indeed in the ground. But part of it is above ground and that’s what I want.

The alternative is to adjust the RA and Dec of the image to point above the ground. But I can’t do those calculations on the fly. Can you? Better to just let the camera point where it wants to point and then take the part of the image that includes sky.

In my case (I know you are wondering) I have a 30 frame mosaic that covers slightly more than 180 degrees of sky. Depending on when I start it some of the end frames have centers below the horizon. I can’t manually fix that nor do I want to.

It’s not a big deal - using no profile allows slews below the horizon. But I’d rather get the fits headers right.