New CMOS. Cameras with Dual or More Simultaneous Images


Just wondering if you are thinking of enhancing SGP to download more than one image at a time? For example the new FLI Kepler CMOS cameras read the chip twice with each exposure, one with low gain and one with high gain, and merge them to create a 16-bit equivalent image from two 12-bit amps. I believe QHY is working on cameras with the same chip, so may have the same issue. The ASCOM driver can download both images but only pass one of them to the imaging program like SGP.

It turns out you need to capture darks and biases for each gain too and calibrate and integrate the high and low gain images separately, creating high and low gain masters that are merged right now using FLI software. Pretty niche product now, but I expect you’ll see more as the image capability is amazing.


Interesting. I had not heard of this. We’ll talk to QHY and FLI at NEAIC/NEAF and see where they’re at with this and if it’s something we should pursue.



Great! Yes just saw QHYs ad for their GSENSE cameras. Will be interesting to see how their software works.

Wayne Hixson, Stargazer