Night Vision


Does SGP have a way to get into Night Vision mode, red screen.

If it doesn’t then sounds like a good thing to do on future releases.


Night Mode or Dark Theme
Change UI Color?

SGP does not currently have a “Night Vision Mode” and we almost certainly won’t be adding one in the future. Just for the simple reason that it is not system wide and only helps when you’re in SGP. If you flip over to PHD, open some other application and then poof…bright white light!

There are better solutions like red acrylic (exceptionally good but somewhat pricey, but this is what I use and highly recommend)

And rubylity on film (cheaper but not as optically clear)



The acrylic is best but for a software solution try this:
Put it in dim read and turn down the brightness on your screen. Not bad for a free solution.


Thanks for the tip, DesertSky. As a new user of SGP last night I was surprised that I could not find a night vision mode for it. Now I know why. I went to MaxIm DL and used it to turn on Night Vision mode and then SGP was in Night Vision mode also. Disappointing that SGP does not have its own night vision mode. And, incidentally, I have been using PHD2 for some time and it is not a problem in night vision mode, so I am unsure what Jared is referring to.


The Night Light mode in Windows 10 works great. It can set the screen to full red!