Nikon D750 support


Hi I was wondering if Nikon D750 is supported,
when I select Nikon, in the configuration list the D750 is not mentioned …



It should be available in the Beta. Please keep in mind that this is generally untested. If it works (or doesn’t) please let us know!



I don’t have the D750 yet, I was looking to buy one, but it needs to work with SGP. So if it’s available in the Beta, that is a good indication. Does it mean you will help debug if it’s found not to be working?



We will always assist to the best of our ability. Unfortunately this is tethered by the fact that we cannot purchase every piece of gear we support. This can sometimes lead to a frustrating experience.



I do understand, you can’t solve everything if you not have the equipment, the fact you will assist even if it is without success is enough …




They’re really good with getting DSLRs working. If you get it and provide logs, they haven’t had problems in the past getting it to work.

Congrats on getting a new camera. I have a D800 and it’s fantastic!


Did you modify the D800 for Ha?



I had a D7000 and recently bought a D750 and tried it out tonight. They
both have the same problem with SGPro: they connect (but only when I remove
the SD card). When I try to take a photo, it never downloads.



I could alway go for a second hand D610 as a stop gap solution.



Can you post some logs? As you found you cannot have the SD card in the camera. This is a Nixon limitation but SGP should tell you to remove the card on connect.



Attached is the log from last night. All I did was to start SGPro, connect
to the camera and take one shot.


sg_logfile_20150515224218.txt (44.6 KB)


Yves, no. After talking with ‘Mr Wu’ over on astrobin, he said the D800 is pretty sensitive without a mod and the changes are marginal. I have to agree with his analysis. I capture quite a bit of ‘red’ with it.


Cool you have examples somewhere, like ngc 2244 or so?



Just head over to astrobin and search by camera type. It’s what j always do when I’m looking up new gear.


I already did that, but there was very little to go on …

Wei-Hao Wang is using a modded one, Thomas is not and the difference seems striking, but it’s hard to tell if that is processing related or not …



I directly asked Mr Wang. Send them a PM :blush: