No Stars with SBIG & PHD2


I have an SBIG 11002 with internal guide chip. I am attempting to run SGP and PHD2.
At the beginning of my session last night I open MaximDL to check on the stars and to allow Planewave PW3 to autofocus.
Then I turn off MaximDL
Last night the stars were fine in both the main chip and the internal guide chip.
Then I turn on SGP which as part of it’s connect all devices turns on PHD2.

When I loop in PHD2 I see a screen that looks like what I see in the main camera when I forget to open the dome.
The dome was open last night. I moved the stretch slider throughout its range
I know the guide chip is showing stars in MaximDL.
I have an SBIG camera and am using SGP_API_Guider (ASCOM) to connect to my guide chip in the SBIG camera.
I have set the guide chip in SGP to SBIG internal.

Anyone have any ideas what’s been set up incorrectly?

marshall edgell


phd2 has a gamma slider - did you try moving it to do a screen stretch of the guider images?