Offset2 method


I had a chance to use Offset2 last night after the changes in Unfortunately, I cannot report any improvement. Best I can tell, it performs just about identically to Sync. Typical behavior is as follows:

Initial slew puts the target in the typical error zone of 1000 pixels or so in each axis. First centering slew typically gets me to within 80 pixels or so in RA and 20 pixels or so in DEC. The next centering slew refines that slightly, putting me at about 70px in RA and 15px in DEC. Any further iterations result in no improvement with exactly the same errors +/- not more than a pixel or two. So, as with Sync, the mount is missing the target, but doing so very precisely, with the error being nearly the same every time. Mount is a CGE Pro.

I do appreciate the effort, guys.


#2 had some extra syncs in it that likely caused this issue. Please attempt with



Sorry, Jared. I should have mentioned that I was using




Yes - and a gentle reminder that my recent test of offset2 with cge-pro still did not work - though it did appear to converge in dec. So I think it does need some tweaking. I gave a report I think for and provided a log. If you can take it the final step to working well - it will really open doors to how I can use my sct at long focal length.