Open a predefined sequence file


I’m looking for the possibility to have SGP open a specific target file when it starts instead of this dummy file containing Target 1. I have created a file with all the targets I intend to shoot for the rest of the season and I want SGP to open it when it starts. Can that be done?
If this is not possible, I would like the developers to consider this in a future version.

Clear skies


Quick and dirty tip: just double click your sequence file, before opening SGP. That will launch SGP and automatically load your sequence.


Thanks for the tip.
Then I’ll have to dig into my folder system to find it or place it in the desktop. Alternatively I could that, but I’d still prefer to be able to specify the file within SGP and start SGP the normal way.


Hi Heno,
I place the SGP start icon on my taskbar. I then “right” click the icon. If the sequence in question has previously been opened (i.e. Alessio’s suggestion), then it will show up as a choice following the “right” click. Then left click on your sequence choice and you are good to go.
The sequence will remain there until you choose to remove it.

Hope this helps.


You could put a shortcut to the sequence you always want to start on the desktop and click on that to get things started. That way your actual sequence stays where it is with your other sequences and you’d only have to dig into your folder system once.


Mark and Steve,
thanks for your tips. I will try out which one works the better for me.

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I would add that it would also be great to have an option to either 1) open a new sequence or 2) open the last (most recently used) sequence when starting SGP.



I just recently updated to Win 10 Pro and the right click on the task bar icon works great. Thanks for the tip!



Hi Charlie,
I’ve been on Win 10 for quite some time, so I didn’t realize that feature was not available on earlier versions.

Glad to help.