Open with.... file association


would be a cool feature if a double click on a fits file would open SGP.
Subsequent clicks should not open new instances of SGP but add them
in a new image window.

Thanks for reading


I fear this will interfere with most image processing apps. SGPro honestly can’t do much with FITS files… I would hate to overwrite a FITS association with PixInsight or similar.


@winwimp you can change file associations in Windows to anything you like but as Ken suggests do so with care. Google “change file associations” for your version of windows.


@Ken: i already changed the file association under win10 to open fits with
SGP because aside Maxim D/L there is no other application on my imaging
(and M D/L is used rather rarely :wink:
The problem is that after calling a fits file from the file system SGP
opens but the file
will not be loaded by SGP. Even when SGP is started subsequent calls from
a file manager
of the OS just opens another instance of SGP. I wonder if this behavior is



Ah, so what you want is a feature request to have SGP start with a parameter (fits file) that SGP will open.


Hi DesertSky,

yes seems that is what i requested.:slight_smile:
Maybe my request is not common, because most users
have more apps with fits capabilities on their computers.
On my imaging notebook live only those apps which are
necessary for the work at the mount.
Processing is done on a more beefier machine with PI
under FreeBSD.



Ah, OK. I misunderstood. That should be pretty easy.


Hi Ken,

thanks for 2.1.13 file association is fixed now. One more
glitch to mention, when SGP opened a file and a second double
click from the OS file manager happens (SGP is already open)
another instance of SGP is fired up, which is ungood.